Old forestry virus-free and tests for the fans


How Union gets the stadium full

A safe and healthy stadium experience in the sold-out Alte Försterei – this is what Union wants to make possible at the start of the season on 18/19 September. The ex-boss of Lothar Matthäus, the entrepreneur Daniel Jammer wants to help with this. The German-Israeli businessman brought our record international player 2008 as coach to Maccabi Netanya.

Now he says: “I am a great sympathizer of Union Berlin and i would like to help the Irons realize their dream of a sold-out stadium despite the Corona pandemic.” Jammer’s company Nation-E, in collaboration with the Gronauresearch team of Prof. Dr. Luthe (Human Toxicologist and Visiting Professor at the University of Iowa), has developed a product that kills 99 percent of all viruses and bacteria and can be applied on almost all surfaces.

Jammer: “In case of infection hazards, people usually talk about doorknobs. But what about taps, toilets, the catering area, the VIP lodges? All these areas can make my paint virus-free.”

And this is how it works: The already tested and certified paint is applied to surfaces by wiping. The paint should adhere to viruses and bacteria for up to one year. “After application, the entire infrastructure in the stadium can be used. There is no need to rebuild anything.” Jammer’s company is based in Berlin. For this reason, too, he wants to help Union to get the stadium back to full order – and to make his product available to the Irons free of charge.

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